Monday, May 20, 2019

Worship Service Participant Schedule

Worship at Grace Church is a collaboration among many participants, each of whom has an important role to play. If you would like to contribute to our worship in any of these roles, let the Worship team know.

If you are scheduled and can't make it, please recruit a replacement from the lists at the end of this document, it is your responsibility as a volunteer to find a substitute when you cannot serve.

Lectors: To see your readings in advance, go to the online lectionary page: See here for some guidelines for lectors. Ushers: See here for instructions for being a great usher.

  Our thanks to our Presiders, musicians and all who serve:

Sunday, May 26, at 10 a.m. Eucharist

● Presider: The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
● Healing Minister: J. White
● Keyboards: Scott Bailey
● Acolyte: tbd
● Lector: Grace Staples
● Prayers of the People: tbd
● Chalice: tbd
● Offering Counter: Apollo Kiganda
● Altar Guild: Maria Mukasa
● Usher: Apollo Kiganda
● Bulletin: The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson, Madeena Nolan

Sunday, June 2, at 10 a.m. Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

● Presider: Hawley Todd, TSSF
● Healing Ministers: J. White and Hawley Todd, TSSF
● Keyboards: Karen Evert
● Lector: Gwen Gabbard
● Litany of Healing: tbd
● Offering Counter: Candace Moxley
● Usher: Greg Dale
Bulletin: Judy Handy

 Presiders: The Reverends Anne Warrington Wilson, Father Jason Leo, Jane Gerdsen,  Hawley Todd, TSSF.
Acolytes: Mathias Mukasa, Mariah Mukasa, Candace Moxley. Substitute: Hawley Todd
Altar Guild: Jacquelyn McCray, Maria Mukasa
Flower Guild: Carol Lyon
Healing Ministers: J White and Hawley Todd (leads), Tammy Robertson-Perry, Gwynne Gabbard.
Eucharistic Ministers (Chalice Bearers): Carol Lyon, Candace Moxley.
Lectors/Prayers of the People:  Maria Mukasa, Tammy Robertson-Perry (Healing Sundays),Judy Handy, Gwynne Gabbard (Healing Sundays), Candace Moxley, Faith Makumbi, Kelly Kiganda, Kristin Blackburn-Scanlon. Substitute: Carol Lyon.
Offering Counters: Apollo Kiganda, Maria Mukasa, Candace Moxley. (Only if needed Grace Staples).
Ushers:  Substitute only: Tammy Robertson-Perry
Eucharistic Visitors: Judy Handy, Candace Moxley.

Wednesday Night Celebration of Wholeness and Healing Participants

Officiant: Hawley Todd TSSF
Lead Drummers: Rich Spirit, Les Watkins
Healing Ministers: Hawley Todd TSSF, J White, Gwynne Gabbard, Amy Wehr, Fran Malone, Jackie Millay, Matt Peffly, Sherri Elmore, Tammy Robertson-Perry, Tina Todd