Sunday, August 02, 2009

Questions about Common Ministry

The following questions were asked at Grace Church’s Common Ministry Forum on August 2, 2009:

  • What is the definition of Common Ministry?
  • What are some of the existing models of Common Ministry churches?
  • How do we create the correct list of functions needed to keep the congregation together?
  • How is the Common Ministry team formed?
  • Who’s in charge and how are they elected?
  • How does the discernment process work?
  • How are priests raised from the congregation?
  • Can a congregation raise more than one priest?
  • Are there any age qualifications for priests?
  • Can the Bishop ordain a deacon to become a priest in a Common Ministry church?
  • What are the track records of other churches that have used Common Ministry?
  • Is Common Ministry just for poor churches?
  • What Diocesan support is available if we want to explore Common Ministry?
  • If we become a Common Ministry church, will we ever hire professional clergy again?
  • Can the church grow in a Common Ministry model?
  • Will we be able to have Eucharist every Sunday?
  • During the interim period, how can we do weddings and funerals?

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