Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

Grace Church conducts a monthly service that brings together traditional and non-traditional healing methods: healing prayer and laying on of hands for healing, together with  African Drumming and Reiki.  Drumming begins at 6:30 pm, the service begins at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of most months. Check the Grace Calendar.

The service is based on the concept of release of tension through African drumming, restoration of peace through quietness and solitude, and prayer for continued health through the laying on of hands.

In this service, we make space and time to allow God to move in our midst as we celebrate God's overwhelming love for each one of us. The service includes a liturgy of healing prayers and African drumming and culminates with opportunities for Reike and the traditional laying-on-of-hands and anointing with holy oil.

All are invited to worship and enter God's presence as moved by the Holy Spirit.

For background on the role of healing ministry in the life of the church, read About Grace Church's Healing Ministry

What People are Saying About this Service.

David MukasaGrace Church Senior Warden David Mukasa (left) says, "I attended the healing/Reike/drumming service for the first time last week and I was swept off my feet! The involvement and passion of the participants is contagiously good, I even got to play the drum!"

"For those who have not attended the service I recommend that you do. It will be an experience." 

Liturgist Hawley Todd said of the October, 2009, service,  "The healing service last evening was truly blessed by the Lord.  … At the beginning of my homily, I did an invocation of the Holy Spirit.  I am not sure how good the homily was but the seekers and drummers liked it.  What I do know is that the Holy Spirit did come in an extremely powerful way.  It was amazing. Ray Betts, J White, and I prayed with many. It was wonderful to spend more time in prayer with each person than we are able to do on Sunday mornings.  It is a humbling experience to be with others as the Lord ministers to them!"

About the November, 2009, service, Reike Master Kevin Driggers said, "This was an AWESOME night the creator has given us. I can't believe the turnout that we had. It would seem there is a shift in going to church. "This ain't your Parent's" spirituality." Bob Laake and I feel very blessed to have been placed in the right place at the right time. It seems to be a  revival of old time religion. I thank all who attended for allowing us to be part of their blessings as we receive much more than we all give!"

About the Leaders.

This service is led by Hawley Todd, TSSF. Healing drumming is led by Bob Laake. Rieke is coordinated by Kevin Driggers.

hawley todd Hawley Todd, TSSF, (right) is currently the full time Formation Director of Episcopal Healing Ministries. He has worked for 26 years in various healing ministries and was mentored by EHM founder the Rev. Emily Gardiner Neal from 1982 until her death in 1989.  He was trained in the Anglican tradition at Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary, has taught World Religions at McMaster University and has been an Education for Ministry mentor with the University of the South since 1996.  He has been an Assistant Formation Director for the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis and was the Director of Christian Formation at St. Thomas Episcopal Church from 1990 to  2006.  He is a trained spiritual director and has led retreats and missions in the United States and Canada. He is a licensed Worship Leader in the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio.

Bob Laake DrummingBob Laake (left) has loved drumming since early childhood when he would drum on anything that would make a sound. He's played with many local bands in practically every style of music. However, it wasn't until he was diagnosed with stomach cancer that he discovered the power of the drum as a healing tool. He is now in total remission and is spreading the word of healing drumming everywhere he can. Learn more about  the power of healing drumming on Bob Laake's Drum for Healing page.

Kevin Driggers Kevin Driggers (right) is a Reiki Master/Teacher. He also works with crystals and other minerals as a form of alternative healing. He has been working with alternative healing since 1984.

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