Thursday, April 29, 2010

Grace and the Celebration of Wholeness and Healing

A unique healing service occurs at Grace Episcopal Church on the second Wednesday of each month. We intentionally combine several modes of healing to provide opportunities for God to move and bless those who come. The operative theology behind this service is that God is greater and deeper than any of the limitations that our human systems of thought can imagine. It is the divine energy or presence of the Holy Spirit that heals; and as participants in the service, we invite God to come, touch and bless those who are present. We seek a synthesis of western medicine with insights and practices from the complimentary healing communities.

At its inception three years ago, the Celebration of Wholeness and Healing combined three healing modalities: Reike, African drumming and traditional Christian laying-on-of-hands, all incorporated within an Episcopal healing service. During the three years that this service has been offered, the scope has broadened to include all healing modalities that seek to allow the divine love of God to be active and present. On any given Wednesday night, numerous modes of healing will occur. The common thread is the desire for each person to become the person he/she was created to be–to become whole–to be fully alive in the divine Spirit of the living God. Hence one might find a Healing Touch practitioner working alongside both a Reike master and a Franciscan.

The tangible love that is shared among those who come and the inclusiveness of this service have contributed to its growth. While most services have about 40 participants, the April service had an all time high of 86.

All are welcome to attend and participate as led by the Holy Spirit. Drumming begins about 6:30 pm and the liturgy begins at 7 pm. The structure of the evening is very fluid and participants come and go as they desire. Typically the service concludes about 10 pm.

Whether you are seeking an experience of God’s love or simply enjoy the beat of the drums, the Celebration of Wholeness and Healing may be for you! Come and join us!

Hawley Todd, TSSF
April, 2010

See pictures of this service here.

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