Friday, September 30, 2011

Grace Church Celebrates Wholeness and Healing Wednesday Evenings

Grace Church's Wednesday evening Celebration of Wholeness and Healing combines traditional laying-on of hands with vibration therapy of African Drumming and the employment of the universal life force energy through the Japanese practice of Reiki. This healing service takes place the second Wednesday of every month. Drumming begins at 6:30 pm; a short formal service begins at 7 pm; it's over when everyone has left, sometimes as late as 10 pm.

While many are familiar with the traditional healing service found in many Episcopal churches, the combining of this with the non-traditional healing services is unique.

The drum has been used to heal people in tribal cultures for thousands of years. The history of The Drum and Sound Therapy is that tribal societies, both eastern and western have long recognized the connection between drum energy and their physical & emotional health. Many cultures from all over the world have used this tool and now we use the energy of drumming to help us make the changes we need in our body, mind and soul.  Sound Attunement Therapy or (SAT) is simply the use of vibration energy, in this case, The Drum. This vibration energy helps promote, heal and restore a person's natural health and bring the body, mind & spirit/emotions into harmony.

Many scientific studies attest to the power of the drum to reduce stress, promote pain management and boost the immune system to combat the spread of disease. Another interesting study suggests that drumming produces increased NK or natural killer cell activity in cancer patients. Modern science has documented that drumming significantly reduced feelings of stress, fear, anger, confusion, fatigue and depression among others. In addition, participants in the study experienced an enhanced sense of emotional and physical well being after exposure to drumming.

A Japanese healer first propounded Reiki in the early 1900. It combines the employment of the universal life force energy in a concentrated method to promote healing.

All three of these methods have many testimonials to their effectiveness.

Adapted from the press release announcing the first healing service on September 12, 2007.

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