Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treasurer Job Description

The Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of Grace Church, and has the duty of handling Grace Church's monetary affairs. This duty may be divided into several categories:

Monitoring cash flow
          * Keeping track of current income and expenditures;  
          * Arranging for deposit of monies received;
          * Arranging for payment of salaries, bills and other expenses;
          * Keeping all financial records up to date;
          * Performing other activities as may be required|
           * Monitors income from worship services

Reporting financial information
          * Preparing monthly financial reports for presentation at Mission Council meetings;
          * Preparing and presenting  a yearly financial report to the Annual Meeting;
          * Preparing and transmitting such financial information as may be required by the Diocese;
          * Receiving and reporting other financial information as necessary;
           *Prepares information for annual audit due to Diocese September 1.

Advising and planning on financial matters
          * Providing financial advice and/or recommendations to the wardens or other church officials as needed
          * Preparing an initial draft of the annual budget for the following year;
          * Aiding in preparation of special budgets for grant requests, special programs, etc.
          * Providing alerts and/or warnings about potential or impending financial problems;

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