Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Intercessory Prayer

How do we pray for our sisters and brothers when we are asked to offer intercessory prayers on her/his behalf?

That is a difficult question to answer because the bottom line for all prayer is that one prays in ways that are authentic to one-self. Our personalities and dispositions often impact how each of us prays. So pray for others however it is that the Holy Spirit leads and guides you to pray. That is what is most essential.

When I lead workshops on healing prayer and teach healing team members to pray for others, my first admonition is to remember that it is God who heals. We are not the healers. Our job is to hold a brother or a sister in God’s presence. We don’t fix the problem or solve the prayer request. That part is God’s work.

Healing prayer is quite easy to do. We invite God to come and be with the person receiving intercessory prayer. We ask God to minister to that person in whatever ways she/he most needs God’s presence at this time. Alternatively, we may imagine the person being surrounded with God’s light, grace or love and then filled to overflowing with God’s healing, life-giving presence. Our inner attitude is one of trust that God will do more for the person who is receiving intercessory prayers than we could hope or imagine!

One does not need to know details about a person’s needs or situation. As intercessors, we do not pray the problem. We pray that God will move in the person’s life to restore that individual to wholeness, health, and harmony. In short, to become more fully the person God created that sister or brother to be.

- Hawley Todd TSSF, Minister of Christ Healing

- Exec. Dir. – Episcopal Healing Ministries

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