Monday, January 20, 2014

Program Leadership at Grace Church

Motion passed by Mission Council on January 20, 2014. Effective at the 2014 Annual Meeting:

1. The two people responsible for Grace Church programs are the Mission Program Leader and Parish Life Program Leader.

2. They are elected at the Annual Meeting for 1-year terms, limited to 3 consecutive terms.

3. The Program Leaders and the Wardens make up the Executive Committee, along with any other member(s) nominated by the Senior Warden and approved by Mission Council.

4. Each Program Leader is responsible for seeing that the program ministries of Grace Church are carried out in their area. The Program Leaders carry out their responsibilities in partnership with the Wardens and Mission Council.

5. Program responsibilities be divided as follows.

a. The Parish Life Program Leader is responsible for the health and growth of the Grace Church Congregation and its members. Responsibilities include:

i. Worship

ii. Pastoral Care

iii. Christian Formation/Education

iv. Newcomer/Hospitality Ministry

v. Healing Ministry

b. The Mission Program Leader is generally responsible for the health and growth of the outreach/partnership ministries of Grace Church. Current ministries/partnerships include:

i. Wednesday night Celebration of Wholeness and Healing.

ii. Interfaith Hospitality Net

iii. Parolee Ministry

iv. Community Dinners

v. Life Renewal Church

vi. Mount Echo Tribe

vii. Rainbow Band

viii. Yoga

ix. Tai Chi

x. Oneness Blessing

xi. Narcotics Anonymous

xii. Zumba

6. Program Leaders are expected:

a. To be faithful in worship and prayer and to communicate regularly with church members.

b. To report regularly the goals and progress of their area to Mission Council and the Congregation. If not members of Mission Council, they would still be regular attendees with a voice.

c. To delegate his or her responsibilities appropriately, forming, staffing, overseeing and coordinating the work of the individuals or teams needed to carry out his or her responsibility.

7. The responsibilities of Mission Council remain unchanged and are those outlined for a Vestry in The Vestry Handbook by Christopher Webber. These would include: stewardship, business & finances, maintenance of the physical plant, administration and oversight of the office, hiring new staff and appointing leadership as needed.

8. The responsibilities of the Senior Warden remain unchanged, and include

a. Chairing Mission Council and Executive Committee meetings.

b. Being the primary point of contact with the Diocese,

c. Scheduling services and officiants, unless he or she delegates this responsibility.

d. Ensuring that lay ministry licenses are uptodate with the Diocese.

9. The responsibilities of the Junior Warden remain unchanged, and include

a. Overall responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the building.

b. Forming and leading and Buildings and Grounds Committee.

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