Sunday, March 23, 2014

Worship Volunteer Scheduling

The volunteer scheduler will:

● Create a schedule for all the participants in the Sunday and holy day services except the organist and clergy. The schedule should go at least one month into the future. Use names from the list of people that are approved for each task (list is posted at the bottom of the schedule).

● Email graceleaders when each new schedule is made up.

● Post the schedule online in the Grace File Cabinet and keep it uptodate.

● Add service type, celebrant and organist information when provided by others.

● Email graceleaders each week what the assignments are for the next couple of Sundays.

● Remind the volunteers that they need to arrange for their replacement and they need to tell the scheduler. Remind them that in our Common Ministry church, there is no one to check up on them to make sure that they will do their jobs. That if they don't do their job, we'll have to scramble on Sunday morning.

When the Sunday bulletin or Sunday Grace Notes is made up, the volunteer schedule for the next few Sundays will be included, using the online schedule as of the time the bulletin is printed.

12/25/2010 Ken Lyon

3/23/14 small modification by Ken Lyon

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