Sunday, March 23, 2014

Flower Guild Job Description

Grace Episcopal Church

Job Descriptions

Flower Guild

The purpose of the flower guild is to provide flowers for the altars and other appropriate locations in Grace Church for various regular and special worship services and activities. When possible and flowers are available, the Guil may provide flowers for members of the parish and community who are ill or for some special reason the receiving of flowers would be appropriate. The flower guild will work cooperatively with the Altar Guild not only on a weekly basis but especially on special occasions such as Easter and Christmas

Duties of the Flower Guild.

1. To be responsible for all flowers in connection with all worship services scheduled for Grace Church, including special seasons such as Christmas, Easter, and other appropriate times. This does not include activites where the church is used for another church or organization, such as a wedding or concert unless those arrangements are made in advance and are agreed to.

a. Secure flowers for use in the decoration of the sanctuary. The flowers may be purchased, donated from another source, or cut from those on the grounds of Grace Church.

b. Arrange and place the flowers in the appropriate locations.

c. Arrange for any special flowers or seasonal decorations that may be needed.

2. When possible, distribute the flowers on the Altars to the sick or other persons for appropriate occasions.

3. When possible, provide flowers at other times of the week for those who are ill or for other appropriate occasions.

4. To work with the grounds committee in creating the cutting flower beds so that the flowers selected and planted will be appropriate for the use of the Flower Guild.


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